Sunday, October 31, 2004

November, You smell Death !!

You smell death, and I long for you!
You spring winter and the chill of death.
And if I survive, you gift me December....

I named my cubicle jayzon's deth
It seems the brain is dead and frozen here...
I hate to die but love to disappear into thin air!
This space is not mine, and I dont prefer to vanish as a less than ordinary 'blogger'.
If this was not my cube, I would have started a barber's shop,
and christened it 'shift_delete'.
In every strand of hair that falls, to install death;
And that remains, I will breathe passion.

I dream to read between the chunk of code I see,
Look for a spontainity, romanticism.
Well I like the mystery it unravels, but it ends in the first place....
Wish I can be the last man at the threshold of eternity!!

A window that can maximize to a downpour, or to strands of bright pixels,
Sunlight, that tangents to the three dimensional space!
All I see is undecipherable syllables enclosed in braces, procreating a chain of syntax errors...
On the panes, how I wish the dew drops can melt and drop down to your spines;
But a void, that you need to fill with stressed hardwork and fitting complexity!

I google for the exit button....
All I see is this blog window, may be I can suspend boredom for a while!!!


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