Sunday, October 26, 2008


darker truths scare me...
i stand still knowing nothing!
In this abyss of ignorance, there is ecstacy!
there is lost love, regained...!

an angel whispering, every other moment...
a devil conspiring of black lies in the back of your mind!
rain drops seem to fall, as our hearts were full!
bow of hue on the gray cloudy skies..
flowers bloom on shoots dried to doom !!

all stopped in a moment... the sands of time just loosening away!
arid earth and heat, fuming dust..
when they settle, there wont be a thing, but pain!!

i hold on to this eternal dream..
hate to wake up and wish me slumber in peace..
many a falls unfathom... a darkness that is pitch black, and point blank...
i lose my self... to void, to vacuum... to nothing!!!

not to weep, but to many feets deep death!
i cry not, but i cant..


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